When we migrated to urban setup the ritualistic folklore are just next to nothing. We stopped to live for more than two, three or four generations in same place. Due to this continuous upward migration; destruction of very basic institution of togetherness and belongings inherent in rural setup is evaporated.

Consequently we faced challenges of massive reduction of physical strength necessary for long healthy life. We hear daily some casualty from the decease unheard just a century back.

In most urban families which were the earlier settlers of the newly developed urban centres we can see Nani Dadi suffering from osteoporosis, diabetes, blood pressure or COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease).

We just believe and act upon what we see in front of us and happily ignore what is lying behind our back or sideways.

Due to this basic anomaly we can find seeds of diseases in the members of our own family; hidden in disguise of just casual sessional phenomena.

What happens when we try to reach on the top floor of some multi-storey building via staircase? We just pant for more rapid inhalation of oxygen to supply more blood for our vital organ’s efficient functionality.

In current system of cheap Bartan Wali, Kapade Wali, Safai Wali like domestic helps; along with labour saving modern gadgets physical activities of house bound family members reduced to the switch on and off of those gadgets including the omnipresent television. Most of our time is consumed by physically passive activities like chatting upon social media or watching upon digital screen. These practices given away the ritualistic institutions called folkdance.

By contemporary activities our usual or natural breathing rhythm were compromised; due to various artificial triggers, which influence our emotions. These circumstances also reduce chances of vibrant rhythmic flow of air via our nasal openings to the ever demanding lungs.

We start taking the risk of fluctuating breathing; which is the hidden long time precursor for clinical symptom of any which illness.

We also see under-performance of workers across the sectors by persons beyond their forties. Almost half of us also develop a barrier in our effective communication with the society as well as in family also. That is why we face lot of misunderstandings, discomfort.